Nevertheless, if a domestic worker encountered an employment problem or was aggrieved by a breach of the employment contract by her employer, she could lodge a complaint or file a claim with the Ministry of Manpower. To a question on whether any judicial review applications had been brought against that provision, a Singapore representative replied that the law provided for different methods, by which children born overseas could acquire citizenship. On Article 8 , it was said that media and other programmes had been initiated to demonstrate how women were represented in civil society, politics, foreign affairs and trade unions. The Government had no specific programmes to showcase the involvement of women in public life, but non-governmental organizations may have such programmes. Regarding the statement by an expert that Singapore was a “transit area” for trafficking in women and children, it was said that Singapore authorities conducted document and security checks at the airports and points of entry into the country.

With regard to sexuality, BBC News reported in 2001 that Singaporean women have a more open attitude about sexual intimacy in Asia. The study reflected that 18% of the Singaporean women interviewed are “most likely to initiate” sexual activity with their personal and intimate partners. R.W.K.L acquired the data, contributed to the analysis and drafting of the manuscript. S.L.L contributed to the analysis and interpretation of data, and drafting the manuscript. L contributed to the design of study, acquiring data and revising the manuscript.

Although Singapore has not amended the citizenship clauses of its constitution since the 1960’s, the government is doing so now in order to remind citizens that it values every one of them, “regardless of gender.” – YaleGlobal. Most cases of COVID-19 have evidence of human-to-human transmission where the virus appears to spread through respiratory, fomite or faecal methods . The likelihood of vertical transmission is low based on the United Kingdom Obstetric Surveillance System interim study where six babies (2.5%) had a positive nasopharyngeal swab for SARS-CoV-2 within 12 h of birth in severely affected hospitalised women . Hence, the risk of vertical transmission in mild or asymptomatic patients is likely to be lower than that.

Find more key insights for the proportion of seats held by women in the national parliament in countries like Vietnam and Myanmar. In 2018, 2.4% of women aged years reported that they had been subject to physical and/or sexual violence by a current or former intimate partner in the previous 12 months. Up until this month, Singaporean women living overseas could not pass citizenship rights onto their children born out-of-country – only men were given this privilege. Yet as more Singaporean men and women leave the country to work and study, the government is amending the constitution to make citizenship rights more gender-equitable.

  • Respondents did not receive any incentive to complete the survey and standard of care was not affected if they did not participate in the online survey.
  • A representative of Singapore’s Council of Women’s Organizations provided the Committee with information about the role of the Council in the Convention process in the country.
  • Women had equal access to all components of the National AIDS Control Programme, which was drawn up in 1985.
  • Its main objective was to advance the status of women, working closely with the Government, corporations and other NGOs.
  • Such requirements were dependent upon each country’s unique needs and were gender-neutral.
  • The aim was to help those who wanted to “keep the pregnancy”, but were unable to do so for economic or other reasons.

She had also emphasized the importance of examining the contents of schoolbooks, as those had traditionally depicted men as the breadwinner and women as the homemaker. In Singapore, males and females were not stereotyped in instructional materials. Textbooks reflected that girls had the choice to determine their professional careers and take up courses in traditionally male dominated areas, such as electronics, computers and engineering.

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The survey aimed to 1) establish the baseline attitudes of pregnant women towards COVID-19 and 2) correlate socio-demographics with women’s precaution practices towards COVID-19 in Singapore. This online survey will help identify various characteristics of pregnant women who are more likely to be vulnerable towards the effects of COVID and enable clinicians to reflect on the insecurities and worries of pregnant women for more focused counselling. To a series of prior questions on the system of meritocracy in Singapore, the delegation agreed that meritocracy could be discriminatory if there was no attempt to level the playing field.

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It has been assumed that because girls and boys are given equal opportunities in education, there are no important gender issues in the sphere of education. This book questions such an assumption and problematizes the role of education as a liberating force for women to investigate if education has indeed liberated women or entrapped them in subordination in a patriarchal society.

As breast feeding requires close contact, direct breast feeding may be of concern in infected mothers. Hence, infected mothers should be advised to wear surgical masks, cleaning their breast before expression via breast pumps to bottle feed their neonates to reduce the risk of neonatal transmission. Precautionary separation of mother and child is debatable and cause loss of physical bonding and emotional attachment which have a negative psychological impact in infected women. Table2 and Table3 shows the distribution of participants’ attitude (Q11–17), precaution practices (Q18–21) and perceptions (Q22–34) towards COVID-19 in pregnancy. One hundred twenty-four women (74%) were worried and very worried about being infected with COVID-19 in pregnancy . Seventy-seven (46%) women were unsure if pregnant women infected with COVID-19 are more likely to miscarry or go into pre-term labour . After delivery, fifty-eight (35%) women preferred to breast feed if they were diagnosed with COVID-19 .

In 2007, marital rape was recognized under certain circumstances that signaled marriage breakdown. A committee called for the repeal of any kind of marital rape immunity on 9 September 2018.